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Bug Season!

Please be aware, bug season is here!

We’ve been getting quite a number of calls from dog owners that their dog’s belly looks like this (see attached photo)

Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do to prevent these black fly bites. If your dog runs around or lays in a tall grass area, they could get bit. They most commonly occur on the inside of the rear legs and on the belly. As bad as it can look, if this happens, most dogs will not notice and it should clear up quickly on its own. If your dog is bothered by it and is itchy, you can use an Elizabethan collar to prevent unwanted licking or a t-shirt to cover in the area. To help with the itching, try cool water baths and pet oatmeal shampoo. If itching is still severe, or you want more advice by please contact your veterinary clinic for further advice. 


This type of fly is only around for a week or so every spring so hopefully they will be gone soon!