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Herd Health Program

Cows and Sunset

Your herd’s health is your profitability!

WVC has the skill set and experience to offer cow-calf and feedlot clients reliable and affordable full herd health services. Our veterinarians can provide you with practical and sustainable solutions to your herd health concerns.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure all bovine emergencies are taken care of as quickly as possible either on your farm or here in the clinic.

A Vet Client Patient Relationship(VCPR) is a relationship that is established between a veterinarian and a producer in order to accomplish a specific goal for your individual herd health. Each farm will receive a customized vaccination and treatment plan from our veterinarians to help your operation thrive. Work with a veterinarian to see how your current herd health program can be strengthened to help reduce disease and how you can establish preventative measures. See how working with your veterinarian can be an investment that actually improves your bottom line.

We provide to our beef clients the following services:
– Ultrasound pregnancy checking
– Obstetrical issues such as calvings, c-sections and vaginal/uterine prolapse
– Routine Surgery: cancer eye, LDA, RDA, hernia repair, dehorning
– Complete Breeding Soundness Evaluations for Bulls
– Semen Freezing
– Calf care such as broken legs, umbilical hernia repair, navel ill, scours management and treatment.
– Post-Mortem evaluation and diagnosis
– Lameness examinations
– VCPR visits complete with health and vaccine protocols specific to your herd
– Farm visits for individual animals or groups of animals with health concerns
– Alberta BSE Surveillance Program testing
– In House Laboratory Services: fecals, parasitology, blood work
– Export Services
– Comprehensive ambulatory services
– Insurance Reports
– Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer

Did you know that Westlock Veterinary Center offers a rebate to Beef Clients that utilize our herd health program to the fullest extent??
If you think you qualify or want to learn more, contact us today.


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Cows and Sunset