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The Dangerous Effects of Marijuana & Pets

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Now that marijuana is legalised, there may be an increase in pets accidentally ingesting the drug. So here is some information on what to watch for and what to do if you know, or think your pet may have ingested marijuana and how dangerous the effects can be.

Can Dogs Get High?
The answer is yes…and this is how…
1. Ingesting marijuana leaves/buds directly
2. Ingesting marijuana laced food
3. Secondhand smoke
While humans use the drug by choice to get high, pets do not, and they can become extremely sick.

What Are the Marijuana Effects on Dogs?
1. Lethargic
2. Breathing problems
3. Lower blood pressure
4. Abnormal heart rhythms
5. Loss of balance
6. Urinary incontinence
7. Seizures/Coma
8. Severe Depression

9. Sensitivity to light and sound
10.Excessive Salivation

What should you do if this happens?
No matter how much marijuana your pet has consumed, if any of these symptoms are present bring your pet to your veterinarian for appropriate treatment. ALWAYS be honest with your veterinarian, the more information you give us the better we can treat your pet. We are here for your pets health and safety and not to judge you.

The amount of marijuana needed for a 150-pound human to feel the effects will be nearly 10 times the amount a 15-pound dog needs.

What about cats you ask?
Just because dogs account for nearly all reported cases of marijuana poisoning it doesn’t mean it can’t happen to cats. Cats just aren’t as curious as dogs and don’t have the same habit of eating random things off the ground. Symptoms to watch for in cats is similar as to those in dogs.

Bottom Line:
When it comes to marijuana use and pets, BE CAREFUL. Keep all forms of marijuana, medical or recreational, out of reach of your pet.

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